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Dating Secret: Like attracts like

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Attraction and love feel the same Attraction can act like a chameleon, because the chemicals that erupt in the mind are so similar in both love and attraction, it is difficult to tell if it is the real thing.

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Relationships in love are generally based on physical attraction. When the initial rush and excitement wears off, the relationship fizzles out.

With true love, the feelings last. However, attraction can create havoc when it’s not working in your favour.

There is one rule of attraction you should remember…  

Like attracts like

Once you understand this ‘rule’ of attraction, you will begin to understand the reasons why people seem to have such bad luck when it comes to love.

People like and are attracted to familiarity and similarity. Recent Loveawake dating site site research study have shown that people go for a partner with similar physical traits and levels of attractiveness. We tend to have similarities with our friends, or at least something in common that we connect with; and it’s the same with lovers. If you have nothing in common with your partner, it’s only a matter of time before you become restless.

Real love is more than just attraction. It is both psychological and physical and lasts far longer than anything that is just based on physical excitement. When we’re attracted to someone romantically, what we are doing is matching them to our ‘mind programming’. Even the top scientists have not been able to work out why people are attracted to each another.

However, by understanding this rule of attraction it helps you appreciate where you’ve gone wrong in the past.

Opposites may appear to attract…

Some people may believe that opposites attract, but there are always similarities in those relationships that may not be so evident, even to the couple. Think how much better it would be to have more in common with your partner. For example, imagine enjoying the same films, musical tastes and hobbies.

Putting your ‘feelers’ out

You may not be aware of it, but you send out subconscious signals all the time that tell others:

  • what you are like
  • what you expect and
  • what you ‘really’ think about yourself

When someone picks up on these signals and responds, it is like a meeting of minds.

It isn’t necessarily to do with looks, which explains why some people can be attractive to one person and not another. Even unattractive people can be incredibly sexy because they have that something extra, a certain charisma that attracts all. The latter is generally happy in their own skin and usually loves life and people.

This particular rule of attraction is fantastic news for people who have the correct program for a healthy relationship in their own minds. They are the lucky ones for whom loving, passionate and satisfying relationships come easily and naturally.

For the rest, the rule of attraction can cause chaos

If your relationship program is infected with mind viruses, you will almost certainly attract and experience an unsatisfactory love life. The less negativity you carry around with you the more likely you are to attract the right one for you. In real life, you cannot physically see the emotional turmoil other people have floating around in their minds. Often you find out when it’s too late. By listening more carefully to your instincts you can avoid disaster.

Changing your program

The best way to stop getting involved with toxic partners or negative relationships is to clear out your ‘mind viruses’ – those unpleasant negative thoughts and emotions. Knowing about them is not enough; unless you eliminate them, you will always attract the wrong person for you.

The good news is that you can now have the information and tools to do this with our tips and advice, which is specially designed to help clear your mind for love and start attracting the relationship you really want. By knowing who is unsuitable and avoiding them from the start, this is a big step in the right direction.

Your action for today

Now download your third ‘7 Secrets Relationship Worksheet’, attached on this email, and make your notes. It only takes a short time, but it should be done as soon as you have read through the above information while it is fresh in your mind.

Do you know what you really want from your love life? 

The fourth lesson for love is very important because it allows your creative ideas, about your perfect relationship, to flow.

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