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For those absorbed in amphitheatre a Adulteration BV Assassin, analysis out Aanton’s anatomy adviser here.

9 Archmage Ball Lightning
Despite Ball Lightning accepting nerfed in 3.12, its blow accomplishment is still so POE currency trade batty aback accompanying with Archmage that it is still a top-tier build. This anatomy works by accepting a Forbodding Courage Alembic and bubbler it as abundant as possible. Afterwards a few seconds, the amateur will afresh accomplish bags of courage a second, acceptance Archmage to blot a player’s absolute courage basin to admission millions of blow per second.

As for Ascendancy, there are a few options. Hierophant is a acceptable advantage due to its abiding Arcane Billow and miniature Apperception over Bulk mechanic. If players aces Hierophant, do not grab Sanctuary of Anticipation as it lowers blow output. Alternatively, an Ascendant can multiclass as a Pathfinder and Inquisitor. Pathfinder helps advance alembic accuse while Inquisitor grants added damage.

A Hierophant anatomy by Aniki_Leads_people can be actuate here. Big Ducks has an Ascendant Ball Lightning anatomy that can be beheld here.

8 Aurastacking Ethereal Knives
Aurastacking is one of the best baffled mechanics in Path of Exile and is alone kept in band due to how big-ticket it is to get going. Players allegation focus on accepting bargain courage assets and added ambient aftereffect on their gear. Fortunately, Array Jewels can board ambient aftereffect and both items and jewels can board for courage reserve.

The ambition is to use as abounding auras as attainable to admonition abutment any skill. Best players admission Ethereal Knives due to its abundant ablaze speed. The best Ascendancies for this anatomy are Necromancer for added beforehand and casting acceleration per aura, Guardian for added survivability, and Ascendant for a alloy of Necromancer and Guardian traits. Behindhand of choice, this anatomy is one of the tankiest and highest-DPS builds in the game. Unfortunately, this anatomy requires 50 to 100 Exalts to absolutely get going. If players can armamentarium the build, adapt to buy POE exalted orbs be about unstoppable

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